The Wine Odyssey (TWO), headquartered in Singapore with a strong Hong Kong presence, delivers curated wine products and services that combines its strong European roots with deep knowledge of the local wine markets.


TWO brings to you a personalized wine experience.

With our extensive range of wines and alcohol products, from France, Europe and all around the world, we can cater to your most demanding oenological needs at the best prices.

We are your personal sommeliers.



Group Founder & General Manager Group

Gregory has over 14 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, where he worked in different luxury sectors such as Pret-a-Porter, Tableware and Wines. His experience has enabled him to understand deeply the nuances of these different sectors. Driven by his passion and desire to innovate in the wine sector, he has not stopped to think about innovative wine products and services that he can bring to the Singapore and Hong Kong markets (wine tasting classes, rare wine sourcing, import of artisanal wines etc.)


Director Hong Kong & Macao

Good things often comes with a good story and TWO, is one of them. Everything started with a true friendship celebrated with a delightful bottle of Domaine de Chevalier under the sunset of a lazy day in Paris between the future founder Gregory Jeanlin and Thibaud Chevalier. Despite behind a passionated cars photographer, Thibaud is also a true epicurean and started his odyssey into the wine industry a few years ago as a contributor to “La Revue du Champagne” Magazine. Since this moment he has never ceased to love wines and most of them were often shared with Gregory. Chitchatting about life, love and wines, our two ferocious hedonists started an epic journey and here we are, few years later with a fast growing company. And as simple as it seems, it was almost the birth of this TWO project which in fact came years later…