Tasting Notes


Thomas and Anne-Laure Grillet from the Domaine de la Bonne Tonne (the name means “The Good Barrel”) is a 7th generation, owner operated, natural wine making property.
La Bonne Tonne farms less than 5 hectares of vines and maintains an organic vegetable farm and a small bakery. Certified Organic since 2006, La Bonne Tonne is undergoing Biodynamic Certification; all of its wines use native yeasts, fermentation happens spotaneously.


Composition: 100% Chardonnay Made from parcel of 20 years old


They have chosen to eschew the requests of the Beaujolais negociants to “thermovinify” their wine. Thomas and Anne- Laure prefers to harvest by hand and plow, rather than spray. They useslittle manipulation in the cellar, resulting in wines that reflect “place” – small plots, thoughtfully tended by hand.


Eye: light golden color
Nose: a lovely bouquet of citrus, dry and fruity
Mouth: a very friendly wine, with a lot of freshness who remind the south of Burgundy to your heart.