Winery Feature

Château d’Arche

Château d’Arche, a Second Growth Sauternes estate, boasts exceptional terroir. Nestled on a hill next to Chateau d’Yquem, its vineyards benefit from unique conditions: cool morning fog and warm afternoons, ideal for developing the prized botrytis on their grapes. Mainly planted with Semillon, these meticulously hand-harvested grapes deliver intensely aromatic wines.

Committed to quality and sustainability, Château d’Arche produces a limited quantity (around 2,000 bottles per hectare) of exceptional Sauternes. Their dedication extends to their stunning new winery, built with eco-conscious materials and designed to blend seamlessly with the landscape. Château d’Arche is a leader in environmentally friendly viticulture, earning Level 3 High Environmental Value certification and reintroducing horse-drawn plowing.

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